Top 5 | Book “baes” of 2016

You’ve read “Top  Best Books of 2016”, “Worst Books of 2016” and you may have probably read this kind of content if you did, you can just – NO DON’T CLOSE THIS TAB– and you haven’t read this type of content – YES WE WILL FANGIRL OUR SH*T OUT OF IT.


Here’s the Top 5 (in my opinion of course) Book* Baes of 2016: 

* Full Disclosure the book baes of 2016 is polled from the male characters of the books that I have read this year. The book may have been published this year or the years previous to 2016.
  • Kaz Brekker from The Six of Crows DuCnWAiN7VMAAkx5M.pngology

I know you feel the same thing. We all have the hots for a brooding mysterious guy   who we have a very complicated relationship/friendship with. And deep down, we  kind of hope the he feels the same way.







  • EVERY SINGLE ROYAL HOTTIE from the Royals Trilogy/Duology

I you have read any of the books from this 3 book series, then you’ll know that every Royal family member is written off as hot as any Abercombie model.


  • ROWAN WHITETHORN from Heir of Fire


For all those who are Team Chaol (wait are we dividing to teams for varying love interest in this book series?), if we are, I still respect you choice of companionship for Celeana but we all know that Rowan is what’s best for her.








  • DORAN SPAULDING from Starflight


Doran is probably one of my favorite male character for all time, maybe because his humour reminds me of my great male bestfriend (ever), and his character development through out the book is really promising!

  • CLARK from Unexpected Everything


I must confess, I forgotten what Clark’s family name was. He is by far the #boyfirnedgoals for every contemporary-fave reader. He just a really cute eye-glass wearing 6-pack under the shirt-hiding, fantasy author boy you won’t meet in real life – but 2017 is full of possibilities so – va va voom betches!



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