A Very Late July + HP Readathon Wrap-up | Curse Child Panic


Another month has past. Another month was spent reading and fangirling all-around. There’s no regrets there.

Hello blog-o-sphere and welcome to my monthly wrap-up. Yes, I had broke through from the claws of procrastination and decided that July also needs a wrap-up even if I have not done anything amazing this month.

Life Update: 

Sad truths: (a.) My summer vacation ended this month  (b.) I am not ready for school (tbh I am always not ready)

Now since it was our last, and my college buddies and I finally met after a 4-month long vacation, we were planning to make it count. And by making it count, meaning will be spending less than 300 php (that’s less than $7)

here’s a random photo you’ve wished you can unsee!:

2016-08-05 09.21.32 1.jpg

Pardon the faces. I know, we look like victims of a shipwreck-happy victims to be precise

Reading Update: 

This is the month were I was reading non-stop (although I did because I took pee-breaks and short trips to the kitchen for food). I read a total of  10 books and Dnfed 1.

July was also the last league for the HPREADATHON2016. Although I finished Deathly Hallows by August I still pride myself for neglecting 3/4 my tbr pile. *high fives self* Re-readathons are the greatest excuse one can use to reread a favorite series without being shame on the amount of untouched books that still needs to be read.

Cursed Child Panic:

I am panicking. You just can’t tell because I am hiding it in tons of fangirl layer and calmness. But truth be told, I.AM.FREAKING.PANICKING. The excitement in killing me. The wait is killing me. AND BOOKDEPOSITORY INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING IS KILLING ME. A tiny tiny part of me wishes that I have purchased my copy from a local bookstore but me being channeling my mother, canvassed few both international and local book shops and stores to try to look for the cheapest book with shipping and Bookdepository is the only one who understood the frustrations of being on a limited budget set by your parents.

Yes I did save a lot with the purchased and shipping cost, but the span of time for shipping had me on my toes. My friend (whose wallet spew cash every week) already had her copy, and she read it and NOW I AM TRYING TO AVOID HER AND SPOILERS. (I am such a great friend.)



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