Books I wished had more books


Hello blogosphere and welcome to another post for Top Ten Wednesday.  T5W is a meme hosted by Lainey and Sam.

This post is scheduled (my first ever post that is being scheduled :D), because I am off traveling back to university because I need to enroll myself early to avoid a stampede.

How enrollment* usually is at my university:

*normal enrollment schedule


I must avoid getting piss-off by “enrollment marshalls” (basically all those kids who enrolled at Reserve Officers Training Class and to avoid pissing them too with my constant yammering of mismanagement on their part.

So anyway…

For today’s Top 5 is about standalone books I wish had a sequel. However, I  hardly read stand alones and this topic is making my head hurt just by brainstorming and staring at my shelf and trying to come up with 5 books. So far from Day 1 of brainstorming all that happened was me sleeping through a storm the whole day. (That still counts as brainstorming).

But then on day 3 of the process of providing myself with materials to talk about in this post, I have decided to modify it a little for my convenience. So instead of talking only about stand alones, I also added few book series I wished had more books, just so I can make this list count up to 5 (Let’s be practical)


1.) Six of Crows Series by Leigh Bardugo (Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom)

I don’t understand why this glorious of a book will only be a duology. WHY!!explain this to me.

I need more Kaz+Inej, Jesper+Wylan, Nina+Matthias. MORE!

2.) Penryn and the End of Days Series by Susan Ee (Angelfall, World After, and End of Days)

This trilogy had all it’s readers pumped because it was announced to be a 5 book series originally (or was it 7?). So when everyone was anticipating the third book what they didn’t know was that they were also anticipating the final book. Susan Ee, you own us something. Though, I still was satisfied with the ending, but there is still a tiny part in my heart that longed for more Penryn and Rafe adventures.

If you haven’t read this trilogy: Read it. just do it



3.) Every YA Rainbow Rowell Book ever

Am I only one not entirely satisfied on how Rainbow Rowell’s books usually ends? Well except for Fangirl, I was happy with the ending. BUT I can’t speak the same for  Eleanor and Park, Carry On and even her short story for World Book Day – Kindred Spirits.

4.) Falling into Place by Amy Zhang


Last 2015, I have been on a fazed where the most of the books I have read were contemporary under topics of suicide and mental illnesses.
And so far from the books with that topic I have read, Amy Zhang’s Falling Into Place had made me want to know the main character’s story after she woke up. It would be nice to read a sequel.

(I also cried when I read this book, the feels~~)


watercolor_arrow_800-fWhat are the books (standalones or series) you’ve wish had more books? Let’s talk about it at the comment section!

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