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Hello, blog-o-sphere! Yes, I am being punctual with doing a tag (shocking isn’t it?). I am thanking Morgan @ Happilyeverbookish for tagging me and go check out her lovely blog!  

So this is the Burrito Bowl Tag and this is making me hungry, to be honest.

1. Rice: The Foundation—the book that got you into reading (or book blogging).


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Fun fact: I read the Chamber of Secrets before the first book, why? Because back at 5th grade, I have that bestfriend who rather read that have recess (I use to laugh at her, now she’s laughing at me and my uncontrollable tbr pile and reading-during-recess urges, life is cruel.) So when she tried to get me to reading, she handed me the second book because she was reading the first one, and that my friends is how I started to love and read books)

2. Beans: The Filler—a book with a whole lot of nothing happening.


An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

This is my least favorite book with John Green, next to Paper Towns. I tried reading it, can’t even make it until page 15.

3. Protein: The Building Block—a book quote to live by.



4. Fajitas: The Crunch of Texture—a book with immaculate world building.


Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

I have talk about this in my review and I will talk about it again. THE.WORLD.BUILDING.IS.JUST.SO.GREAT!


Full disclosure: I have not read and probably will not really the Grisha Trilogy (I just heard a lot of not so great things with its final book– it’s probably suffering the same case with The Retribution of Mara Dyer).

But to me (a Grisha Trilogy non reader) the world-building hit me with a bag full of epicness. The world’s description if so on point that it fueled my imagination. ( Yah get it?)

5. Salsa: The Dance of Flavor—a book that kept you on your toes.


An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

Reading An Ember in the Ashes didn’t keep me on my toes, it was more like ‘my butt is at the edge of my seat any moment from now my ass will slam at the floor’

I was emotionally invested to the characters and the plot itself. i.e (a.) Me being afraid for Laia every time she spies at the Commandant (she’s a real bitch) (b.) Me being afraid for Laia every time she sneaks out (c.) Me being afraid for Helene (Marcus is a real douche) especially now she’s named as Marcus’s Blood Shriek (d.) I feel pity to every Scholar and slave that have been mentioned through out the book (e.) I cried (I can’t control the waterworks) during the Third Trial (ALL THOSE DEAD PEOPLE!)

Click here for the full review

6. Corn: The Explosion of Sweetness—a memorable scene involving friendship/romance.


7. Cheese: The Bond of Calcium—two characters from different books you wish could be friends.

Cress from The Lunar Chronicles Cress is loyal and values friendship and you need that kind of friend in your life.

Andie Walker from The Unexpected Everything This girl is spot-on the most organizer person I know (well more like read about), I need her in my life to organize the shit that is currently traversing in my college life. I need you gurl!

8. Sour Cream: The Tangy Topper—the quirkiest character you’ve ever read (protagonist or supporting).


Lola Nolan from Lola and the Boy Next Door

Lola with her fashion quirks, her never-ending wig supply.

9. Guacamole: The Cost of Creaminess—a book you paid too much for.


City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare

This is the most expensive book I have bought. When it came out two years ago,I had it the hardcover and signed edition pre-ordered over at BookDepository, I did save alot from shipping but those taxes are just-GAH!.

10. Lettuce: The Handful of Crispiness—a refreshing concept/theme in a book.


I would really love to read about or books with male-female friendship not leading to the road of forbidden romance (i.e Lady Midnight and other books). Can we just stick to a platonic relationship and not have them clawing each others body because of lust- i mean love?

11. Chips: Le Piece De Resistance—a must-read recommendation [if you like this book/genre/author, then you’ll like this book/genre/author].


12. Tabasco: The Kick to the Face—your favorite fight/action sequence.

The scene from the Confessions of Shopaholic, two ladies fighting for a pair of boots.(It’s still a fight scene- they were fighting over a pair of Gucci boots)



And on to tagging people! If you already did this tag you are all free to not do it.I am tagging:

  1. Caitia @ thegirlwhoreadtomuch
  2. mrenee @ mmctaggart
  3. Clemence
  4. Louise @geniereads
  5. Marina @wroteyouanovel
  6. And of course you! If you’re reading this post and want to do the tag feel free to do it!



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