My own posts that I actually like : A T5W Post


No, this is not a shameless self-promo for my blog postsq, we are really required to write about our fave blog post for today’s Top 5 Wednesday!

I have only published few post compared to other blogs out there, since in my 3 years of blogging, I had unannounced hiatus for  at least 8 months because I don’t have time to blog during those years with me struggling to understand university life (plus the internet connection in my old dorm is as slow as a snail). However we are  required to write 5 and guess who’s gonna rebel again and only write four? Me!



1.) Book Reviews for Sarah J Maas perfections! I always find Sarah J Maas books fun to write a review for because:

(a.) My dislike with Chaol is the reason why some people are/will be stoning me to death right now                                                                                                                       (b.) Using inappropriate languages while reviewing is inevitable                                           (c.) Titling those reviews got me lmao everytime.

2.) The post I shamelessly insulted the Disney Princess. It wasn’t directly directed to them, I was just appreciating the Lunar Chronicles!

3.) The post where I chronicled the mishaps I have with bookstores and Customer’s Service. 

4.) And my very first Binge Watch Post where I try to stomach the mess that was the Shadawohunters Series. If you are a fan of the television series, I am really sorry but it’s not really for me. I do have some issues with it as much as I have with the movie.

giphy (7).gif


If you’re curious enough to want to read those posts, I have place links above so go check it out!

Also please don’t forget follow and let’s talk about you’re favorite posts (from your blog) too!

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