Week 1 Recap: #HPReadathon2016 and in-betweens

A weekly recap (since when have I decided to do a recap?)  and run-down of things I did this week (mostly reading).


Did I regret finishing the first book in a day instead of pacing it for 7 days?

giphy (2).gif

Am I excited for Week 2? (We will be reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets!):


If you haven’t heard, Tan @Slythertan is hosting a Harry Potter Readathon that started last Sunday and will end this July 31 (We are also anticipating the release of the script-book Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Full details of the readathon will be link below.

#HPreadathon : Twitter | Tumblr


Books I have read  this week (also currently reading) while impatiently waiting for #HPReadathon Week 2 to start:

 Images via Goodreads

I have immensely enjoyed reading Starflight (review will be posted in my blog soon), and I am currently enjoying some fluffy contemporary for summer (The Unexpected Everything).

Another in-betweens is my binge-reading for Dramione fanfiction over the course of 3 days. Yes, I do read  fanfiction and I also think that it’s literature, and I also think that Draco and Hermione is the ship of them all.










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