The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer: R.I.P Disney Damsel Princesses

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I just finish the reading Winter this month, and I just want to write a book talk (yup not a book review, but still please bear with me and read it in its entirety) that may sound like an Honest (Book) Trailer!


Disney presents…

Cinder the Cyborg as Cinderella, the true lost princess of Lunar

Scarlet as Little Red Riding Hood, who feel in love with Wolf-the street fighter

Cress as Rapunzel, who is thrown in a satellite with no stairs leading to earth  and is socially awkward

Winter as Snow White (and if there will be a movie about this,let’s hope that the role will not go to KStew), the illegitimate child which could possibly delusional ( could also be paranoia)

And combining all those bitchy antagonist in Disney Movies (The mongols in Mulan included and Elsa of Frozen ) Disney brings you the wicked of ‘em all Queen Levana, the mist-using evil queen of Luna (Yes, there are living creature with superpowers living on our moon)

(How I wish Disney will take this franchise… But I can stretch the deal until Michael Bay.)

Prepare as Marissa Meyer, turned your regular Disney Princesses and characters to some bad-ass characters:

(a.) who one is a half cyborg,

(b.) who can fly planes,

(c.) who are left by their parents,

(d.) who was left alone in a satellite to stalk people on Earth,

(f.) who saw their love ones die in front of their eyes,

(g.) who might be suffering delusions and paranoia and

(h.)one was convicted as the most wanted criminal of the Union.

(Yes, just your typical teenagers overcoming coming-of-age crap)

Read on as they rescue helpless their princes , who only care about flirting, lying, his hair, betraying  and saving his own face and one almost ate his one true love  (Disclaimer: In this series only one is a legitimate prince, others vary from a mutant soldier – nope not a turtle, trust me-, a queen’s guard, and finally a thief – yup I didn’t type it wrong) But they are still as hot as they were in the original Disney movies (maybe a tad hotter *wink)

Read as they travel the world in 80 days. Read, as one of them searches for answers regarding her true identity. And prepare yourself for the final book that will narrate on how the true princess of Luna overthrow her own aunt the wicked witch  queen of Luna, who tried to kill her when she was a baby, who actually killed her mom the true queen who—damnit just read the book.


LONG STORY SHORT: They could be doing this to possibly land an audition of the remake of Lara croft.

watercolor_arrow_800-f Have you read the Lunar Chronicles? What’s you’re favorite book in the series? Let’s talk/gush/fangirl about it at the comment section!



3 thoughts on “The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer: R.I.P Disney Damsel Princesses

  1. Cait @ Paper Fury says:

    YESSS I SHALL FANGIRL FOREVER WITH YOU!! *shrieks in happiness* This series is AMAZING and I think Scarlet is my favourite. ❤ She is just so sassy and awesome (and also her relationship with Wolf is entirely adorable eeeeep). And Cress is so relatable and OMG IKO!! CAN I SAY I ADORE THE ROBOT PROBABLY THE MOST OF ALL?! heeh. and Thorne. Although he's not a princess…or maybe he is. He's epic anyway. ;D
    (And YES, these would make epic Disney movies, omg, I wish that would happen!!)

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


    • Amphy says:

      I love Cress, she is just the epitome of awkwardness (that I embody so well). Iko is the character I also love (probably because I wanna harness her confidence!!)
      Maybe I should send Disney a petition to pick up the series???
      Also thanks for stopping by 🙂


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