5th Wave (Film): How Cassie was left behind by the bus


Welcome dear fellows! We are now back to my regular programming since it is finally and proudly  my summer. (And I am planning on binge watching and reading my books and movies and series and everything I can hardly do when I am in school, that also includes eating anything that I like (that is only available in our fridge and pantry, Hazzah!)

On this latest post of Binge Watch, I will be nitpicking everything that I don’t like with the movie The 5th Wave which we all know that is an movie adaptation from Rick Yancey’s bestseller which lso has the same title.

So let’s get started let the nitpicking begin! watercolor-leaves-2


I am not a huge huge huge huge fan of the book (since I still haven’t read books 2 and not even anticipating for the 3rd), although I was currently reading it last weekend of Easter, where I took a very short break from a month long of exams. I have currently DNFed (did not finish) it. reasons to be discuss later.  But with the movie, it was even worst.


Sammy is really annoying me. Especially the scene when Cassie was left behind by the bus. Sammy, dear, you could have shouted at the driver. It was frustrating to watch the scene where Sammy was not even committed on banging the back window of the bus. It seems like in the end it was okey for him that his sister left behind.



I didn’t remember any party that Cassie attended in the book. I know the screen writer wants to incorporate his/her ideas for the audience to enjoy.I have no qualms from giving a story a twist, but that party is just a set-up for the Cassie-Ben ship and doesn’t entirely giving a umph to the movie. You know what I mean right? Right?


240_F_101554532_82hl7hEpJqlUECpPUYTagMlASHcQdbtb.jpg This  is an another segment of: I wish they stuck with the book episode. 

The explanation of Ben about what happened during the raid in the book was much more believable rather than how quickly Ben’s lie in the movie came down.




We never saw Tea Cup being her feisty self. This is sad, because I like Tea Cup in the book.



Still are there are a lot of things and scenes in the movie that I didn’t like, and this includes the special effects. They could have made it better, they could have stuck with the original material, or incorporate other things that actually made the movie
more interesting.


This may actually depend on the trailer (and reviews from other people who will clearly watch the movie on the day it was release.) And if ever Sony decided not to continue the franchise, we still have the books (which I am still interested in reading even if I dnfed the first) to diving  into.





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