Binge Watch: Shadowhunters and the orange that is Clary’s hair


because I am not feeling my Histology notes right now, I have decided to add yet another segment in my blog which I might not update as much,  wherein I review any series and movies (all basing from a book). Please note that it might be the best to keep this to myself, but in celebration of me wanting to share my lovely thoughts to you I can’t just not share them.

So for this segment’s very first victim – eherm- review:

Shadowhunters - New Key Art.jpg

Where do I even begin?

One : I was pumped to hear about the TMI being a movie, then I saw it and was meh, it was okey – it could have been better. Then few year after, here comes news about TMI finally being resurrected from the ashes and turned into a TV Series!


then I marathoned the first 3 episode if you even call 3 episode as a marathon:



  1. Clary. Maybe not her whole being, but her HAIR! It may have been how Cassandra Clare sees it from the eye’s of the stylist but it is not how I imagine it, it’s too bordering to orange. It really does bothers me. Ughh!
  2. Valentine. He surely didn’t age well.
  3. Effects. I feel like watching Once upon a time, and I don’t even like the effects with that TV Series.
  4. Lines – Conversations. I feel like reading a middle grade book, really written for middle grades. Really, with lines like this “Vampires dig blondes”
  5. Magnus. I can’t with this. Just can’t.
  6. Parabatai no more. Is it just me, or are you also seeing the flatness with the connectiion between Jace and Alec? There is nothing going on between them, no conflicting feelings from Alec nada. The “in sync” battle patterns between them at PanDemonium was bleh, meh, and nothing. But let us admit that Alec is a really beautiful creature.
  7. #StalkerMom. That’s how moms hashtag, Clary


watercolor-leaves-2 (1)

  1. IZZY IS THE QUEEN. Slay, sister.
  2. There only have been 4 episode, and it might I hope, be bearable from mundanes to watch.Maybe. (Please make it happen writers)
  3. Diversity! I liked it when Luke is a man of color and Camille looks like she’s Asian descent, likewise with Magnus.
  4. There has been an interview with the creator, that the MaLec ship will soon sail in a “slow burning passion”
  5. And I am excited to see how the season will develop especially that a lot of characters have already appeared.


What about you? What were your thoughts and expressions while watching the first 4 episodes of the Shadowhunters Series? Share your thoughts below!


4 thoughts on “Binge Watch: Shadowhunters and the orange that is Clary’s hair

  1. Clemence says:

    I’m with you in all the things you said, and i will watch until the end too… I saw the sneak peeks for this week episode and at moments it seemed better, finger crossed it gets better.


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