I was once not a fan of leaving books unread on my shelf – or series. I have put myself at a pedestal where it is a waste of money if I will not read every single one of them. Even if how boring or bad the books are, I have either to finish the book or the whole series itself. I usually tolerate it.

However, over this year, I have started to leave books and series unread especially if the first few chapters or books is bad, or not finishing series if the reviews on Goodreads are not that good.

I know it is disrespectful to the books and authors but it is the way it is.


Here are the books that I have either given out to my friends or was sold over the internet:


  1. The Divergent Series I started reading this series back when the first book was release. It was good leading up to the second book. But since I got spoiled on the third via my dear good friends over Tumblr (Thanks a lot) and Instragram, and although I read it, I wasn’t much of a ride for me. So, so long books!


2.  Lux Series I bought the first books via BookDepository when the new covers came out. Technically becuse of the hype around it, and it was about hot aliens and – yah know what I mean.


But, I read the first book and to me it’s like twilight with aliens. And I am kind of sick of it. So I gave it to my friend, who actually loves it. So…


1359025140_8206_Delirium (1).jpg

3. The Delirium Trilogy Let us simply put it as DNF.


I am thinking of another book unhaul before my new shelves by spring next year. T




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