BOOK NERD | ON TBR PILE: How would those unread books would feel

Hey you! Hey, answer me! Why don’t you think that I know you?

Don’t pretend that you don’t know me. You were the one who pick-me up and drove me straight to home like some bimbo someone can pick out from the bar.

Don’t pretend you have forgot me. I know you had a lot in your pile, but to think that you venture in this without thinking for spending time with me. What are you then? A new breed of cassanova?

You remember me now don’t you? Why? Didn’t the others did their jobs? Why are picking through the other pile! I am not done talking to you yet, mister!

Now you question my existence? Huh! Now you have the guts to blame on how pretty I look? Let me remind you that you made the first move! You initiated the whole thing.

I have a lot of questions for you too. Why me? You can’t answer that? It’s easy. One simple question and you can’t. Don’t touch me, don’t feel sorry for me. But before you let me go, answer me this. Won’t you give me a try?


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