Trying to Read | A Debate Schmock

From a hell of a midterm week to a long weekend of trying to prove your point while wearing killer heels, I am basically trying to catch up with my reading and of course bookstagramming.  Since my school will be having a long weekend, they decided to send us to a four-day debate competition, with people who are really way way way way smarter and sassier than me.

Of course being the book nerd and all, I will be bringing with me atleast 2 books to killing my boredom when we hit the bars at the Captain Tiago ( I don’t know if that is the actual name of the bar or if it’s the theme). Although, I love drinking but drinks don’t like me back the way it should be ( I am a sloppy drunk), so I will probably spending the night with a book and room service at the hotel. (YEY!)


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