Book Talk |End of Days by Susan Ee


The feeling when one of your anticipated book of the year have finally have the cover reveal. ‘


Ahh it’s so freaking fantastic.  Honestly I haven’t included Penryn and the End of Days on my 15 for 2015 Book list because during which I did research on the books, it still don’t have a settled publication date. A week ago, I received a forwarded mail from a friend with details on the book cover reveal to be feature in Entertainment Weekly.

When I received the mail, I was on line to pay my tuition fee together with some of my friends at school cashier with more or less 20 people excluding all those in other offices, I was jumping up and down my seat and practically shoving my phone in my friends face.  Everyone within radius was giving me a strange looks but what the hell, they don’t know the feeling on a cover reveal.

With the strange looks and my friends passive reaction, nevertheless the excitement was on me, when even if it was my turn at the cashier I told the in-charge about the cover reveal and she just started at me like an old cat.

You all don’t know that I freaking love the series, because it was my first YA Fantasy book with no love triangle (thank god, sometimes I just want a break). I read the first two books last summer, which you may all know I wasn’t that active on my blog, so I haven’t done any feature of it like now.  I’ll be honest, at first I have no knowledge about the book except that there would be angel apocalypse, and oh! A hot winged-lead man. It was basically a cover buy, come one just look at that cover, who would pick it up?

The first book, Angelfall was a really, really good series starter. It was action pack and witty and really creepy with Penryn’s mother. It is still something to pick-up.


(Image Source: Entertainment Weekly)

Publication Date: May 12, 2015


 End of Days :  Penryn and the End of Days  #3

By Susan Ee

Book Depository | Amazon 

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