2015 Reading Challenge | X marks on the boxes

  A summary on the TBR Jar Challenge and 2015 Reading Challenge

I am incandescently happy, for I, a random netizen  and blogger can finally tick a box on the 2015 TBR Jar Challenge! *Virtual High-5*

200_s (3)

On the month of January, I pick Rebel Belle, for my TBR Challenge, which was read a book someone pick for you.  I posted a status on my Goodreads, which (unknowingly) link the status on my newsfeed at Facebook. Although no one commented on Goodreads, but alot of my friends on FB commented with each of their suggestions. It was a close call on Rebel Belle and Shadow and Bone. But I was planning on buying the books on the Grisha Trilogy and marathoning them (soon), so I settled with the Rebel Belle.

Another reason to celebrate (meaning purchasing more books online) is I ticked off  boxes at the 2015 Reading Challenge. I kind of cheated in. Reading a single book and ticking 3 boxes that fits its category. But it surely saves me time and money, so to speak.

For me it was a good month, I did find time to read even though I was busy with school stuff and my extracurricular. Fingers cross to a better reading month in February.

Read review on Rebel Belle


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