Bookhaul | January 2015


photo source : (thethingwithbooks)

Booknerds are like your typical shopaholic. They have the impulse to swipe their card for additional purchases even if they have a pile of books to read. But who the hell cares, right? I don’t even, as long as BOOK MAILS always make my day awesome!

1. Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins Read review I scored this second-hand and still in condition, just a hundred pesos  ( almost a dollar) less than the original price!

2. Ruby Red & Sapphire Blue by Keirsten Gier Another bargain online. I am loving this bargains. I got both books at 800 php ($ 17) with free shipping.

3.Stupid is Forever by Miriam Defensor Santiago To those oblivious to the existence to this  awesome Senator and my foreign followers, meet Senator Miriam Defensor. The senator haywired with wits and good humor. This book is a collection of her best banters and pick-up line, from her past interviews and speeches. The book includes illustrations from young Filipino Artist. Read: article

4. Throne of Glass oh yeah! Finally got a copy and it’s the edition I want! Can’t wait to read this. I ordered a bunch of books at Book Depository, but I’ll probably getting them by February since shipping to the Philippines takes that long. So I’ll (trying) be patiently waiting here. *stares at a distance*

I ordered  two books via BookDepository, but since shipping to Philippines takes time so I’ll probably have it by February. I hope so. 😦


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