Book Review | Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins


Who would have thought that a regular All-American Southern Belle could kick ass (especially her boyfriend’s ass?

Say hello to Harper Price, oh sorry she’s kind of busy. Well there she goes, you’ll see her later. She’s your Student Body President with personal issues and vendetta towards the school paper editor, David Stark.  (Nope not one of Eddard Stark’s kid ) Who doesn’t have a personal vendetta with the school paper editor especially if he is on you and the “current administration”? Mind you this is not your hate-love stories this is more like a hate-reckless driving-kinda friends-ward-love story.

You see, Harper Price never wish to be a kick-ass Cotillion attendee, but she got it anyway especially after a something more like a CPR with their school janitor.


  1. Sweet Home Alabama. To be honest, I try to imitate a southern accent  when I read the book.


  1. The Awkward Break-up. If someone will EVER try that at the steps of the school 10 minutes before Cotillion should be social executed.


  1. Hate-love relationship

You got me. I am a sucker for those Hate-love relationship. That’s how all my relationship started. Although, I only got the hate part – it never reaches the love. But regardless, yes I like those stories.

  1. The even awkward follow-up of the awkward break-up.I don;t know what words to say to Ryan. Sorry? Congrats? This is really getting awkward *cricket chirps*


Watch out for Harper’s second uhmmm, adventure? as Paladin at Miss Mayhem out this April 7.


Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins

Pages: 345

Publication Date: April 8, 2014


Rating: 4 Hodor Heads!



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