Book Review | Oh not a better Selection of feels.


Can someone please explain to me why haven’t I heard about The Selection Trilogy (or was it a series now, with the Heir?) until a friend lend me a copy? But anyways since finishing the three books here’s my view on the (I thought the final book) The One.

Sorry ladies, one royal fictional prince off the market. As Kiera concluded her trilogy in an epilogue wedding, I on the otherhand phased in to my mourning period.Again.

A blow-by-blow account on how The Selection ruined 1/64 of my very being.


1. Poor pretty Celeste.
I know its hard to find Celeste a better mate when we all know she doesn’t care about love. After 2 books about her being bitchy, 1 with a make out session with the prince that made me hurl, Kiera Cass finally brought out the true colors for our dear Celeste. And in one sentence she killed her.

To be honest, if Celeste wasn’t already rubbing shoulders and doe-eyed chummies with Mer (America) and of course if she had ducked and looked for cover,she wouldn’t take a bullet at the back of her head.

A small thought: Cass kills supporting characters because she can’t write any further a better life for her.

2. Northern star
Like typical directions, if South rebels kill North rebels help. The discover of Spencer Illea’s remaining descendants was a shock (?). Behold the 2 sub topics regarding the North Rebels:

2.1 Dad’s a rebel?!
Shortly after his burial, Mr.Singer don’t to go without a boom. He dropped his biggest secret to her fave daughter. Althought it wasn’t elaborate on when did he join or other things it was clear that everyone that was reading died together with him.
We always see Mr. Singer as a cool father who loves his family and who always write letters to his daughter. We have never seen the bad-ass side (unlike Mrs. Prior), we sure hell want a novella about that.
“The North remember” (whoops wrong series)

2.2 That Kriss-psychopath scene
Oh god, Kriss get a hold of yourself! You have been with America for how many months now? And you go all pyscho on her ass. Not a royally behavior. *tsk
3. Letters to America
Long sappy letters. *feels* This makes me think of Beastly by Alex Finn. I am a sucker for letters, how I wish someone would be sending me at least one. I am not talking about college acceptance letters because I already have one. But please *that certain guy I like* send me one this February and I won’t be bugging you again.

4. That you-always-break-my-heart
Oh..key, Maxon, just because you got shot doesnt mean, you can make me regret in loving you. FIrst of all I didn’t “always-break-your-heart” America did. *pointing at her*

5. The hasty final sacking

I was not expecting THIS. I never thought that they would resort to a Hunger Games type of bad-assness for America *since I program myself that I am reading a season of the Bachelor* but come on don’t drag her to safety and leave her ignorant of the real world.

Since discovering that her dad is a sort-of man with a past, his a Rebel back in the olden days, but atleast give America some credit to kick rebel ass.

6. The I-thought-Maxon-is-dead


Why are you doing this to me, Kierra Cass. WHY?!. I was fine in reading from America’s POV. But leading her AND me to think that Maxon is dead. Your no fun.
7. Long live the King and Queen

Pun intended. *just leaving it like that,*


The One by Kiera Cass

Pages: 323

BookDepository | Amazon

Rating: 3.5 Hodor Heads!



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