Book Review | Rebels by Accident by Patricia Dunn


Thank you NetGalley for the ARC!

Rebels by Accident by Patricia Dunn

Pages: 290 pages

Author: Patricia Dunn

Publisher: Sourcebook Fire


Miriam doesn’t fit in. Being an American Citizen, with Egyptian heritage leaving her no mold to fit in in her high school. After getting in trouble, making her father extremely piss and decided to send her to a boot camp. No not really, but boot camp would be better instead of sending her to her Sittu (grandmother) in Egypt for the rest of the school year. Thinking that her grandmother is Darth Vader’s evil sister, visiting Egypt is surely not a vacation for Miriam.

On the bright side, at least her bestfriend is with her. But after landing in Egypt, things weren’t what Miriam expected especially on her Sittu. Well she’s not so bad after all.


The ultimate reason of requesting this at Netgalley, was actually the setting. I mean who would want to go to Egypt?! Are you serious? With it’s tagline “What she wanted was a vacation, what she got was a revolution” guess who was excited? Me!


But seriously, let’s get to business.


The book didn’t actually reach that kind of expectation I have, after reading the blurbs. But it was still an “okay” read, the plot was fast-pace to my liking. Although the conflict was mainly focus on the coming-of-age  of a young misfit girl, the main character did justice to it. The ending of the book was unexpected, (spoilers) death. . 

What I also like about this is there was no Insta-love, although there was insta-attraction on the book, but it was enough not to actually making this “rebellion” book too romantic because in the first place it is not a romance YA-contemporary novel.

What’s getting to my nerves:

1. I was pretty much annoyed by how Miriam acted, especially how she just bundled up her feels even if the mean girls are biting off her and her bestfriend’s asses. Being an American citizen with Egyptian heritage, Miriam could find any mold to fit in, especially her high school. Don’t we all? But surely as many coming-of-age books there can be, at the end she found herself in the end, and making me less annoyed at her.

2. Her bestfriend was a perfect pair for her. She was strongheaded and stubborn. But the problem with her is she always is the initiator of all the troubles the pair usually get into. Too much stubbornness gives you PTSD, she needs to remember this. In the book, she acted like she’s not only suffering the that facial problems but also by being a bipolar. One sentence she was this nice then BAM! She’s being a bitch.

3. There was no justice in using the setting. Yes, it gives an outsider a look on how politically problematic Egypt was during that time, but it was not depicting Egypt very well. True that I was reading about Egypt as a setting, but I didn’t feel like I was in Egypt. I was not pulled in to the place, since mostly just featuring the characters in the mall. No, na-ah.


But all in all, it was still a good book, not great it could use a little umfed especially on the rebellion side. The plot was good, and the ending was great, but the setting and some of the characters just killed it.


Rating is 3.5 Hodor Heads


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