How do I buy books? (And other sheninigans I do to fund my fetish)


Probably not enough reason to use the word ‘‘fetish’.

Hello dear non-existence and few existence readers!

These are the usual questions my friends (and none) of you asked about my flaming obsessions with these bound papers with ink:

1.Where do I buy books?
I am a bookstore person, one who gets excited when I get to have a trip to a bookstore . I usually spend an hour just browsing through shelves and another one for talking myself out of buying it (My subconcious tells me that I need it.)
I recently discovered online bookshopping after watching too many booktubes doing unboxing.  (Oh hail the divine online shopping) And of course the closest bookstore from where I am studying  in a college is a 4-hour bus drive.

2. How many books do you buy per year? It actually depends on how much money I have and how much money I will sacrifice. Being a student, my card usually shed tears everytime I purchase something online, that includes my stomach (My allowance money comes from my parents sucks not to be 18 yet)

3. How many books do you own now?
Its nothing something to boast about. My collection is growing. (That me telling that its still a hundred) I read alot but I started buying my books when I was 14. Yeah, so three years of book purchasing still haven’t reach a eye-popping number.

4. Where do you read?
I am not those fancy types, who went to cafes just to read and sip coffee or tea. Or go to the beach/pool ( I am paranoid that my book will fall in the water). I read at the comforts of my room esp. under covers with flashlight.

5. Are you a nocturnal reader?
I use to be, until I went to college a year ago (and until now). I prioritize my studies now compared when I was in high school, but I still read when I have time. But to be honest I have more tbr books in my pile than books I actually finish reading.

If you have book nerd questions for me, just live a comment and I’ll get back to you! 🙂


5 thoughts on “How do I buy books? (And other sheninigans I do to fund my fetish)

  1. Pragya says:

    I have some 350 books to boast of and I am not even going to check how many I bought this year. I am a student so well. I do try to do a bit of freelancing here and there to cover my bookish expenses.
    4 hours drive to a bookstore! I usually do it in book fairs or online. Can’t afford books at normal prices most of the time.


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