150 Book Challenge : Reviving Gus


(Let’s set on an adventure on my constant yearning of reviving Gus through rereading The Fault in our stars.)

If Hazel questioned scrambled eggs only available in breakfast time, then I am questioning Augustus liting up like a Christmas Tree in his PET scan. Why? Why? WHY?!? I was already preparing myself on Hazel’s death, because I made a promise not question the author and the book itself at least we know that her cancer cells are not planning to move out somewhere else. But leading us to believe that Gus was cancer-free sucks.

Although it may sound like cheating in my challenge for rereading a book that I already read just so I can reach my goal (sorry), but I have this annoying and pathetic thinking that if I reread every tragically and shitty-ended books then maybe the ending that I want (and need) will finally happen. It took me a lot of courage to delete every single type-mail before I can’t stop myself and send it to the authors.

I do, Agustus. I do.

What are these? Famous last words? Green didn’t even put an epilogue. Though I know that Mr. Green is a huge fan of torturing his fans with either killing fave characters (although we had a lot of practice in keeping in the sorrows, Thanks Rowling and Collins!) however he either leave us hanging in a thread he weave for us. (Do you understand anything that I am writing? Or did I just outdid my metaphors?) But what happen to Hazel, and Hazel’s parents, and Van Houten? Should I let myself resort to writing Green an email? Should I have cancer to let God grant me that wish? Should I?

I am murdering this article with question marks but honestly even if I read the book 7 times it still haunt me with questions. Questions I know I will not get answers.


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