150 Book Challenge : The Novella Edition ( It still counts right? Right?!)

If it doesn’t, well sucks to me. I spent a day trying to cramp up reading this two novella between classes and rounds on the library. 
( Still busy for school works.)

So here it goes.

 THE PRINCE by Kierra Cass

Yup, finally downloaded and had time to read the Selection’s novella (High five!). One cool thing is we finally got ot know our dearly beloved Prince Maxon, although 58 pages was a short one. We finally meet this Daphne girl, who I think apparently looks like a bitch. She was like, “If I was you one true love and you didn’t chose me, then you suddenly realize THEN SUCK IT!” Although it was her real words (cause i kind of forgot about it) it still feel like she actually said those exact words to Maxon’s face, and take note on HIS birthday. Talk about a party pooper. 

We could really see how pressuring the king is, Maxon’s father. He was like, “You need to be like that, like this, do that, do this.”  And the queen was like, ” I love you Maxon. repeat 3x”. And I still didn’t figure out what the king’s true agenda on marrying Queen Amberly.

So much for that, we still have to wait on the trilogy’s finale, “The One” this May 6.





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